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Painting the front of your house: is it worth it?

almost 2 years ago
Painting the front of your house: is it worth it?

How your home looks from the outside can determine how successful your sale is. After all, an exterior photo is what estate agents commonly use as the lead image when publishing an online listing, and it’s the first part of a property buyers see when they arrive for a viewing.

We use the expression ‘first impressions count’ for good reason and potential buyers faced with an exterior that’s cracked, flaking and grubby will make quick assumptions about your property.

Although repainting your home’s exterior isn’t a quick DIY job, it could be one of the best investments of your time if you’re planning to sell soon. Here we answer the most commonly asked questions about painting the front of a property.

Will a freshly painted exterior add value to my property?

You’ll often hear about ‘kerb appeal’ when selling a home and how your home looks from the outside certainly affects its value. A survey by Dulux Weathershield found UK homeowners who gave the exterior of their property a new coat of paint increased its perceived value by 25%. The paint manufacturer also found 93% of buyers are more likely to attend a viewing if the house’s exterior is well maintained.

Should I also paint my front door?

If it’s looking a little shabby, a fresh coat of paint on your front door should be high on your list of pre-selling priorities. Research has found the right choice of paint colour can also add value to your home. Opting for blue can increase a home’s value by as much as £4,000, while a freshly painted white front door can add around £3,400. Front doors painted red, black and green are other colours that can add value but a brown front door can shave hundreds of pounds off a home’s selling price.

Is there an ideal time of year to paint my property’s exterior?

Professional decorators recommend you attempt exterior painting during the months of April and September as the weather is usually drier and warmer, which allows the paint to cure more quickly. Check the forecast and choose a run of days when rain isn’t forecast.

Do I need planning permission to paint the front of my property?

Most homeowners can paint the exterior of their property without getting any special approvals but there are a few instances when planning permission may be required. Consult with your local council’s planning department if you live in a listed building, or if the property is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or conservation area. Requiring planning won’t stop you from painting the outside of your home but the planners/conservation experts may stipulate the colours you can choose from and the type of paint that is used.

Is there a special type of paint I should use?

As the exterior of your property is exposed to the elements and the surface you are painting over is different to plastered internal walls, you will need a special type of paint. Look out for masonry paint designed specifically for exterior surfaces. If you are painting your front door, choose your paint based on the door’s composition – wood or uPVC – as you may need a primer before the topcoat. Always prepare the exterior surface before painting – you may find this guide from DIY Doctor useful. 

If you are getting ready to sell a property and would like advice concerning other ways to improve presentation and add value, contact our team today.

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