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Red alert! The magenta colour trend for 2023

over 1 year ago
Red alert! The magenta colour trend for 2023

Is red a colour you’ve always shied away from in the home? It’s certainly not a neutral or a shy, retiring colour but red can bring warmth and depth to any interior – you just need to know which shade to choose and where to apply it.

The people at Pantone have recently released their colour of the year for 2023 and they plumped for a red called Viva Magenta. It’s a shade Pantone calls ‘brave, fearless, empowering and joyous’.

So, what makes this red more suitable for the home than other hues? Viva Magenta is nothing like the primary red we see on post boxes and fire engines. It’s not as brash or as vibrant but is more earthy and soft, thanks to being inspired by the natural dye, cochineal. And instead of blue undertones, which can make a red feel cold, Viva Magenta is rooted in deep pinks and warm purples, which add richness and a touch of luxury.

This framed artwork is the most literal way of introducing Viva Magenta into your home. Featuring Pantone’s iconic swatch design and coloured-blocked with 2023’s chosen shade, it would look great hung on a white wall or, if hanging pictures is an issue, prop it up on a mantlepiece for an instant no-drill interior addition.

There are some stunning wallpapers in the Viva Magenta colour palette and while they can be applied to a wall to create a feature focal point, wallpaper can also be stuck to furniture to add a dash of colour and revamp a tired looking chest of drawers, for example. Look for ‘peel and stick’ wallpapers that are easy to cut and attach.

Accessories are a quick route to red in your home, so why not try a beanbag? They’ve had a chic upgrade thanks to the use of grown-up fabrics, shapes and colours, including dark, sophisticated shades. Finished in a plush velvet and available in a deep magenta colour, this Isabelle & Max beanbag will bring a luxe look to any home. As an added bonus, it comes pre-filled with a removable, washable cover.

Viva Magenta and velvet fabric are such a good pairing that there’s a wealth of options to choose from.  If you have wooden dining chairs and want to add a layer of comfort, these velvet quilted seat pads in the temptingly named shade ‘merlot’ will be loved by everyone who sits down to dinner.

Inspired by another type of French wine is this four-seater sofa. Its Chesterfield styling, scrolled arms and button back are enhanced when upholstered in the decadent ‘bordeaux’ velvet fabric – a red that’s undercut by shades of juicy blackcurrants and ripe raspberries.

Finally, and sticking to the boozy theme, John Lewis has a collection of different size Egyptian cotton towels available in a colour it calls ‘claret’. You’ll elevate any bathroom by adding a neatly folded stack of these plush towels and the colour will ‘pop’ when it sits next to white sanitaryware.

If you would like to discuss your décor and gain some interior design styling tips ahead of a house move, please contact our team.

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