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Your first shop when you move out

about 3 years ago
Your first shop when you move out

For many, deciding to make it on your own in the big wide world involves flying the family nest to move into a rented property. While your mind may be preoccupied with houseplants, accessories and the friends you’ll invite over, there are more mundane matters that could catch you out.

If your first night involves a take-away and a bottle of wine that your new neighbours gifted you, you may wake up the next morning to bare cupboards and an awareness of what you took for granted when living in the family home. There was always loo roll, a fridge full of food and a packet of paracetamol when you needed them most. 

Moving out to a rented property for the first time? Here’s our guide to your first shop.

Make a list

Lists aren’t just for forgetful people. There will be so much to think about during your first few days of being on your own that an inaugural shop could turn into a disaster if you are not prepared. If you’re feeling stressed at the thought of a supermarket visit, why not register for online shopping and check out a basket of essentials to be delivered directly to your new home?

The obvious

Of course, food will be at the top of your list. Make sure you think about fresh food, frozen food and non-perishables like tins, jars and pasta. Having store cupboard basics will allow you to rustle up something edible even if everything in your fridge goes off.

It’s also wise to shop for the not so obvious items. Here are our recommendations:-

Health & safety

Think about buying a first aid kit – which are available ready-assembled from chemists and stores such as Boots – as well as painkillers, antibacterial hand gel and a pack of plasters. Heat/ice packs are also handy for sprains and injuries. 

Unless you are renting a room in a house share, your landlord may not provide a fire extinguisher, so it’s sensible to buy your own. A fire blanket to keep in the kitchen and a fireproof safe for valuables and essential documents are two other considerations. A torch (a wind-up one is most useful), matches and candles may sound like you’re buying for an expedition but they will prove vital during a power cut.

Essential DIY/maintenance items

Minor household tasks are the responsibility of the tenant and you can’t call your landlord out to unblock your sink. You’ll probably find it handy to have a multi-function screwdriver with both flat and Phillips heads, a tape measure, a stock of light bulbs (preferably low energy), a variety of batteries (AA and AAA are most commonly used), a set of steps, fuses for plugs and some sink unblocker.


A good mantra is always ‘one in use, one in the cupboard’ – this avoids someone running out of washing up liquid as they’re about to tackle a mountain of dishes, or an unplanned dash to the petrol station in your PJs. Make use of ‘buy one, get one free’ offers and stock up on essentials like toothpaste, shower gel, washing powder, loo roll and hand soap to avoid tricky situations.

Odds & ends

It’s always handy to have a small sewing kit with safety pins, spare USB cables and chargers, a dustpan and brush, postal stamps, envelopes, a notepad, pens, sellotape, black bin bags and scissors in your household kit. These may not feel like glamorous purchases but you’ll feel smug the day you come to use them.

If you are planning your first fledgling flight from the family nest and would like to see what rental properties are available in your area, get in touch today.

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