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Selling a traditional Period Home can be complex

Selling a traditional Period Home can be complex

Selling a traditional Period Home can be complex, time consuming and at times frantic ensuring you have all necessary information and paperwork available. By using our tips below, you will be one step ahead and when the time comes and requested from your solicitor, you will be aware and educated to what information and paperwork is required from you. As much information as you can provide our Period Homes team with in the first instance, will help avoid potential unknowns and technical questions from proposed buyers. We will be able to answer correctly and with confidence which in our experience will in turn provide your buyers with the same.

Have I got all the relevant paperwork the Local Council or Listed Building Officer requires for works carried out?

And have I confirmed all signed off correctly?

Do I know of any restrictive covenants I have to make the agent?

Or buyer aware of prior to marketing or agreeing a sale?

Are fireplaces open, have they been swept?

Has a flue liner been installed?

Network of OfficesHave any exposed timbers been treated for woodworm or damp, even as a precautionary measure?

Have I got a guarantee?

What major works have been carried out either by myself?

Or previous owners?

Are there any particular historic or interesting features that will be of interest to prospective buyers?

ie Firemarks, historic plaques nearby?

What are my approximate utility bills per month?

A common question for buyers of older homes.